What Specifications do Shockwave seats meet?

This is an interesting question due to the current state of shock mitigation seat specifications in general. Current ISO and MIL specs deal primarily with vibration only. Where minimizing vibration is important, our testing has found that most injuries will occur at higher G forces. Complicating matters further is the difference in hull forms, mission requirements, operator SOP’s, seat location and chair type to name a few.

We believe firmly in actual testing and that is the reason that we have three test vessels – to test seats in real world conditions. If we could test in a lab we wouldn’t need test pilots and race car drivers!! Good science backed by decades of experience, the human body and brain along with hours of practical experience separate Shockwave from other brands. If you need test data call us to discuss your needs and have both lab and in water test results.

Shock mitigation is only a small part of the overall package. This is why we offer high quality Corbin seating and a host of other options. This is why Shockwave wins more military contracts than all others combined! The results speak for themselves.

How do I know what the best seat is for me?

In general, heavier seas and faster speeds call for longer travel, however, the best method is to send an inquiry to our Shockwave team via our CONTACT page with all of the information about your needs. Useful information to include:

  • Vessel Specifications
  • Drawings and Photos
  • Console Measurements
  • Application

Shockwave offers shock mitigation solutions in a variety of chair styles and suspension travels. We will use this information to recommend the ideal seating configuration for your needs.

Where do I find spare parts?

Spare parts can be ordered directly through Shockwave. Please contact our Parts and Warranty department via our CONTACT page.

What colors and fabrics are available?

Shockwave seats are available in any color or fabric as a custom option. Black and White are standard colors.

I can’t find anything on the website that exactly matches my application. What can I do?

Shockwave is a custom manufacturer. We can mix and match components to suit your needs or build a custom solution.

How do I buy a seat?

Shockwave seats can be purchased through our online store or by contacting Shockwave directly.