SHOCKWAVE is a Canadian company with a global presence, originally founded in 1965. We design and manufacture marine suspension seats for professional and recreational markets. It’s our commitment to continual improvement, rigorous testing, safety standards and innovative shock module design, that protects boaters from the shock of wave impact.


Every company’s success is a result of its people. Our team works with passion and dedication through each and every role. With state-of-the-art technology, superior design and quality components, we make the open-water accessible to customers.


We work hard to find the best solutions that offer boaters an experience they would never have imagined. As avid boaters ourselves, we understand what our customers value most – and we create the best marine suspension seats in the world to provide a safer, more comfortable and exciting ride. We like to think of SHOCKWAVE as providing boaters access to open-water that otherwise might not have been possible.


SHOCKWAVE Marine Suspension Seating has been selected and used in more contracts worldwide than any other seat manufacturer.



United States Coast Guard

  • Response Boat Small II
  • Over the Horizon IV 7m RIB
  • Over the Horizon III 7m RIB
  • TANB 7m Vessel
  • Shallow Water 7m Vessel
  • Long Range Interceptor
  • Boarding Team Delivery 11m RIB
  • FRC 7m RIB

United States Customs and Border Protection – 33’ Boarding Vessel
Royal Canadian Mounted Police – 9m Boarding

United States Navy

  • 11m Patrol RIB
  • 7m Patrol RIB
  • Surface Warfare Center Stiletto 30m
  • Fast Escort Vessel 20m
  • Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)
  • Ship to Shore Connector (SSC)

US SOCOM – Combatant Craft Medium
Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans –
7m and 9m Patrol
Canadian Coast Guard – 7m SAR boats
Canadian PWC – LAMS 9m Assault
Canadian Navy – Patrol
French Commandos – 7m
French Customs – 9m Pursuit
German GSG9 – 9m RIB’s
Italian Special Forces – 9m Assault

UK Ministry of Defense (MOD)
Swedish Navy
Irish Coast Guard
Irish Navy
Finland Navy
Polish Navy
Japan Special Forces – 11m RIB’s
Indian Ministry of Defense
UAE Navy – 36m Patrol
Qatar Armed Forces
Lebanese Patrol – 10m RIBS
Saudi Arabia Special Forces
Royal Jordanian Special Forces – 10m Assault
Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
Brisbane Police
Team Delivery


SHOCKWAVE is the culmination of over five decades of work. Originally founded as Professional Components Ltd. by David Smith in 1965, our company was created to develop, build and supply safety products for NASCAR racing vehicles. We focused heavily on chassis suspension and driver safety, which eventually led to the shock mitigation technology found in all of our products today.


In the years since founding, Professional Components has developed and built safety equipment for a range of different uses, including ambulances, buses, submarines, boats, and for various marine applications such as weather buoys. With each new challenge, our capacity and understanding of marine safety environments has evolved, taking us toward new and fascinating uses for our technology, with a spirit of ambition, excitement and hard work.

Today, we still test like no one else. We have a fleet of boats dedicated to putting our products to the test in some of the most challenging waters in the world – the North Pacific. In-water testing is backed by laboratory testing in a controlled environment. SHOCKWAVE was the first marine suspension seat builder to have its own drop testing system and continues to lead in the field of certified performance. Our race bred heritage continues today with the SHOCKWAVE Motorsports team. There is a direct connection between suspension technology in racing and how we design our marine suspension products. We continually challenge ourselves to learn from other industries and racing is one of the best in terms of innovation.

Strategic Partners

SHOCKWAVE seat cushions are manufactured in the United States by world renowned motorcycle seat manufacturer Corbin, who sculpts them to our specifications for maximum durability and support. We chose Corbin as our cushion manufacturer because standard marine chairs just don’t make the grade. Shock mitigation requires specific design requirements and our products take an elevated level of abuse in extreme marine environments – so it is important for us to work with a company that is able to build cushions that are incredibly durable and lightweight. Corbin gives us a premium product of the highest quality. SHOCKWAVE offers Corbin cushions in a non-shock mitigated form for those applications where not all seats on a vessel need shock mitigation, supplying high comfort and consistent style to the entire vessel.

SHOCKWAVE Seats feature the FOX Float H20, a suspension shock developed in tandem with FOX Defense and our company to meet specific marine and military requirements. We are the only marine shock mitigation seat company that works directly with FOX Defense.

SHOCKWAVE shocks are not off-the-shelf FOX shocks.


We design and manufacture all of our marine suspension products in Canada using military-grade components. Our patented Triple-Axis Integrated Control Environment (ICE) system provides unmatched protection and safety, revolutionizing what is possible on the water.


No one tests like SHOCKWAVE. We are based in the North Pacific and constantly test our products in real-world conditions in some of the most severe seas on the planet. We also conduct comprehensive drop testing and safety analysis in order to develop products that exceed the requirements of elite military organizations internationally.

With ACCURIDE and AUTOTUNE technologies, we are able to provide an added layer of functionality, confidence and ease of use. These integrated systems provide immediate confirmation that the FOX Float H20 shock is set correctly for your body weight, while allowing for simple adjustments or on-the-fly shifts depending on conditions.