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David Smith, president of SHOCKWAVE Marine Suspension Seats, has been designing and building performance-based land and sea-based vehicles and craft since 1965. SHOCKWAVE Seats has greatly benefited from this relationship.


The SHOCKWAVE Simulator fills the gap between low-cost recreational simulation and limited access, expensive, one-size-fits-all simulators. The SHOCKWAVE Simulator is not built for gaming, although it could be used for that. It is a tool designed for racers and race teams. SHOCKWAVE Simulators come standard with a Howe TA2 Camaro or Mustang chassis. They can also be configured for Late Models or customized to suit any type of racing cockpit.

SHOCKWAVE has been involved in racing since 1965 and is currently actively participating in TransAm, Late Models, NASCAR. ARCA and Sprint Cars.

Tested and proven to lower lap times

Builds driver stamina by simulating the noise, heat, and vibration encountered in a real race car.

Race spec controls and Shockwave’s motion platform combine to drastically improve vehicle control, feel, and familiarity.

Lower lap times by gaining track knowledge and honing visual skills without the high cost of on-site testing.

Practice emergency egress procedures with accurate cockpit safety systems.

our heritage

SHOCKWAVE’s heritage dates back over four decades to the development, building and supplying of safety products for NASCAR racing vehicles. It was this technology and know-how that led us to develop suspension seats and consoles for marine use. There is a direct connection between suspension technology in racing and how we design our marine suspension products.

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before I'm gone

Watch the documentary and learn more about David’s fascinating journey and his introduction to racing!

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