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We are proud to have these experienced tournament fishermen, guides, and well-known regional boaters, as part of SHOCKWAVE’s Pro-Staff team. These folks use our products every time they are out on the water, and they are available to talk to you about their experience using the SHOCKWAVE S5 and S5 Sentinel Suspension modules.

Mark Coleman

Seattle, Washington

Mark Coleman is a lifetime fisherman and diver who’s passion led to starting a fishing guide and charter service in Washington State at the age of 23. 16 years later, his operations include a fleet of 29’-42’ Defiance boats in Washington and an operation at Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica, Central America.

"My upgrade to the S5 suspension seating package from SHOCKWAVE has literally eliminated the feeling you have of running a boat day in, day out on the big water."

Adam Petnuch

Saint Augustine, Florida

Adam Petnuch caught the love for fishing in the north woods of Wisconsin when he was just a kid. His dad took him fishing up there on the weekends. When he was 21, he moved to Florida to follow his dream of starting a fishing charter business! He applied for his USCG Captains license at the age of 22 and started his business in 2016! Reel Dream Fishing Charters is based out of Saint Augustine FL and they fish around 100+ days per year offshore on the Atlantic Ocean. These waters can become extremely rough and take a toll on Adam and his crew after days on the water! The SHOCKWAVE S5 module provides them comfort for our 60+ mile runs to the fishing grounds. Their 32 foot Grady White is equipped with nothing but the best for their customers, including SHOCKWAVE S5 Seats!

"Our crew and clientele absolutely love the S5 suspension module! We have thousands of hours on our S5 modules now, and wouldn’t want to run with anything else underneath us!"

Trey Baker

Pensacola, Florida

Capt. Trey Baker was born and raised in Pensacola Fl. Unlike most guides , Capt Trey wasn’t born into a fishing family. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that he really started saltwater fishing. After a couple years he got very competitive and started a fishing team in college. Playing sports his whole life made him a competitor and wanting to be the best at things he cared about. The first year fishing as a team they placed in a few inshore tournaments. The following year he started offshore fishing and never looked back.

Capt. Trey studied and studied offshore fishing once he was hooked to soak up as much knowledge as possible. He double majored: Offshore Fishing and Doctor of Pharmacy.  In 2016, Capt. Trey started tournament king mackerel fishing the SKA and knew immediately that this was his passion: Running way offshore 100s of miles, running fast and catching a lot of drag screaming giant kingfish. In 2017, in their first year as a team, Team Southbound won the SKA National Championship. Since then we have won and placed in several king mackerel tournaments.  Capt. Trey Baker started his charter business full time as well as being a full time pharmacist and runs two boats. He has gained success in the fishing industry and is hungry for much much more.

We fish hard for 2,3 and 4 days straight sleeping over night free in the Gulf of Mexico. We are one of the most hardcore teams in the gulf, we don’t backdown from much. The SHOCKWAVE Suspension Modules are essential to our performance."

Capt. Travis White

Houghton, Michigan (Lake Superior)

Capt. Travis White grew up surrounded by the outdoors in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and has been fishing the Northern Great Lakes for over 20 years. He began sharing his passion with others as a seasonal full-time fishing guide and charter boat captain in 2009 while attending university for engineering and starting his fishing business.

Keweenaw Charter Fishing Company is located in Michigan’s historic Keweenaw Peninsula, surrounded by Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Travis specializes in targeting trout and salmon species, with an emphasis on trophy lake trout, and also enjoys many other flavors of angling adventure.

Keweenaw Charters recently expanded to a two-boat operation during the April-November open-water season and offers a variety of coastal and offshore excursions, including to the famous Stannard Rock trophy lake trout reef complex, located more than 40 miles offshore. Travis found a way to combine his passion for cold and fresh water fishing with a complementary occupation as a research engineer at Michigan Technological University’s Great Lakes Research Center, where his research interests directly intersect freshwater science and preservation.

While not a highly competitive angler, he greatly enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with others and has been a guest host on numerous fishing productions, including Fishing 411 TV and Superior Angling. When he is not guiding, you’ll find Travis exploring the vast and uncharted waters of the Northern Great Lakes looking for the next untapped fishing opportunity. 

Team Barton

Port Lavaca, TX

Cody and Charlie Barton fish nurmerous tournaments in Texas and Louisiana every year. They were recently named 2019 Rudy’s Redfish Series Team of the Year as well as 2019 Legends Team of the Year. This year, they were invited to fish the Redfish World Series and ended up 10th out of 50 teams from all over the US. Moreover, they were named 2020 IFA Texas Team of the Year!

“We teamed up with SHOCKWAVE this last year and it has stepped our game up to the next level. We can now make longer runs and be more efficient with our time on tournament day! Not to mention way less stress on our backs during the rough weather days!"

Mike Barksdale

Boring, OR

Mike Barksdale has been on a boat since he was a toddler with his parents, fishing primarily off the Oregon coast. They fished for salmon, rockfish, and sturgeon. When Mike turned 16, he ventured off on his own with the boat and went offshore to catch whatever he could get to bite my hooks. He turned my passion for fishing into a business, and started guiding in 2005. Mike’s reward is not financially driven: His reward is being able to share memorable fishing experiences with his clients. He gets the same feeling watching a client catch a fish, as he does when he catches a fish himself. He loves what he does and hopes to continue sharing his love of fishing for years to come through his guiding business – Fish On Extreme. He currently fishes the waters in Neah Bay/Pacific Ocean from March-May, catching Chinook; and the waters in Washington/Pacific Ocean from June-October fishing Halibut, Sturgeon, Salmon, Tuna, Rockfish, and Crab; and in the Columbia River fishing Salmon & Sturgeon.

Chris Wagster

Sequin, TX

Chris was raised and taught to fish and hunt at a young age. It’s always been a passion and a way of life in his family. As he grew older there came a point in his life when he saw others win fishing tournaments and he knew that he could compete at their level. Soon after Chris signed up for an amateur tournament called the PES out of Rockport, Texas. There he won biggest slot Redfish. That’s where it all started and the real competitive drive kicked in to win. Some people sit back and take all the credit for their success but that is not Chris. He wouldn’t be half the fisherman he is today if it wasn’t for fishing with his dad, friends and teammates. Together they entered tournaments up and down the Texas coast line. Starting from Port O’Connor down to South Padre they began to place in the top ten. They pushed more to a top five finish in the Possum International and second place in the Y-Tac. Not giving up they fished through the winter and the following year they signed back up for the Y-Tac and took first place. Then a month later took down first place in the API in South Padre. Now Chris is motivated more than ever. He still has a lot more tournaments to win and keep pushing team Reel Locos and Shockwave to be the best on the Texas and Louisiana Coastline. For Chris, success comes to those that don’t give up and keep pushing to be the best.

Lee Dickerson

Chaumont, NY

Lee primarily fishes Lake Ontario in Chaumont, New York in the warmer months. He fishes on his 22’ Hewescraft from April till November — fishing primarily for lake trout, salmon, walleye, northern pike, bass and catfish. Lee is a well-known fisherman in the Chaumont area and is always happy to chat with people about his fishing expertise and his favorite boating and fishing products.

From November until April, he fishes tournaments and guides closer to home, in Maryland and Virginia. He tournament fishes for big blue catfish on the tidal rivers, and takes clients out on guided fishing trips.  Lee lives in Middletown PA, is an avid fisherman, and has been tournament fishing for many years. Lee recently installed Shockwave S5 Suspension Modules and Shockwave Seats, and he loves them.

"I upgraded the factory spring suspension seats in my Hewescraft to the SHOCKWAVE S5 and Corbin Seats. It has made the 60 mile round trips in Lake Ontario fun again. The comfort and ability to adjust the rebound and compression is just awesome. I will never have another boat without SHOCKWAVE products. "

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