S5 Accessories

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  • Slide SW-05489

    Our purpose-built S5 slide offers a full 5-inches of fore-aft travel allowing for comfortable seating options for a wide variety of occupants and uses.

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  • Swivel SW-05592

    This 360-degree swivel is designed for the S5 with corrosion resistance and locks in place in any of 16 positions for excellent flexibility.

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  • Swivel Slide SW-05488

    This swivel slide system is designed with corrosion resistance and 5-inches of fore-aft travel. The 360-degree swivel locks in place in any of 16 positions for excellent versatility.

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  • Shock Pump SW-01983-PKG

    The high-pressure shock pump (required) features an integrated pressure gauge and bleed valve for simple adjustment with a max pressure of 350 psi.

  • Adjustable Footrest SW-03264

    Our folding footrest bolts securely to virtually any bulkhead and provides a stable platform 17” wide. Thanks to the 6” of vertical adjustability, it can accommodate almost anyone. When not in use, it folds conveniently out of the way.

  • Riser Box SW-07251

    The 6 inch riser box is designed to be paired with the S5 module that is mounted flat to the deck. This will provide a sufficient seat height for resting feet on deck.

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