S5 Helm Seat SW-S5-1210


Designed to pair perfectly with the SHOCKWAVE S5 suspension module, the Corbin2 Seat is a light weight, robust seat the comes with folding armrests, a storage pocket, aluminum seat frames and fiberglass seat backs with high quality Corbin upholstery. These seats are designed for comfort and support and will outlast any marine seat on the market. Couple the S5 suspension module with a Corbin2 seat and you won’t have a better boating experience.


Shock Pump SW-01983-PKG

The high-pressure shock pump (required) features an integrated pressure gauge and bleed valve for simple adjustment with a max pressure of 350 psi.

Slide SW-05489

Our purpose-built S5 slide offers a full 5-inches of fore-aft travel allowing for comfortable seating options for a wide variety of occupants and uses.

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Swivel SW-05592

This 360-degree swivel is designed for the S5 with corrosion resistance and locks in place in any of 16 positions for excellent flexibility.

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Swivel Slide SW-05488

This swivel slide system is designed with corrosion resistance and 5-inches of fore-aft travel. The 360-degree swivel locks in place in any of 16 positions for excellent versatility.

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Height Adjust SW-05047

Our height adjust system integrates seamlessly with your S5 to provide a full 3-inches of vertical travel at the touch of a button.

Lapbelt SW-00774

For those who need an extra level of safety and security, SHOCKWAVE offers a lapbelt for the Corbin2 seats.

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