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SHOCKWAVE Seats announces the NEW S6 Suspension Module with height adjust. Designed for commercial applications, the S6 is built for the salt water marine environment. The suspension is conveniently located underneath the seat, enhancing your comfort level by freeing up space. The height of the S6 Suspension Module is 10″ in its lowest position and 13″ in its highest. 

The S6 is ideal for any vessel that regularly has people of varying heights operating offshore in moderate to heavy seas, such as search and rescue, law enforcement, fisheries, government agencies and commercial boats.

Our new S6 Suspension Module will be available in September.

S6 Suspension Module
S6 Suspension Module
S6 with Commander Seat Black
Commander Seats
Swivel Slide
S6 Accessories
S6 Suspension Module
S6 Suspension Module
Commander Seat Black
Commander Black
Commander Seat Black
Commander White
Commander High-back Seat
Commander High-back
Commander Heated Seat
Commander Heated Seat
S6 Swivel Slide
Swivel Slide
S6 Swivel
S6 Riser Box
Riser Box
S6 Shockpump
S6 Lapbelt
S6 Adjustable Footrest
Adjustable Footrest
Fully Integrated Height Adjust Raises the Seat 3” (75mm)
Designed for heavy sea conditions and operating environments
Can handle occupants up to 300lbs with deck accelerations up to 6g’s
Finished in black and engineered to eliminate corrosion points
Custom tuned SHOCKWAVE/FOX Float 3 shock absorber


Fully Integrated Height Adjust Raises the Seat 3” (75mm)

Designed for Heavy Sea Conditions and Operating Environments

Can Handle Occupants up to 300lbs With Deck Accelerations up to 6g’s

Designed and Engineered to Eliminate Corrosion Points

Custom Tuned SHOCKWAVE/FOX Float 3 Shock Absorber

Pair with a SHOCKWAVE Seat or use an existing seat
Easy access to fill valve in all height positions
Integrated height adjust offers consistent suspension performance in all positions
Easily combine S6 with the shockwave swivel, slide, or swivel/slide


Pair With a SHOCKWAVE Commander Seat or Use an Existing Seat

Easy Access to Fill Valve in All Height Positions

Integrated Height Adjust Offers Consistent Suspension Performance in All Positions

Easily Combine S6 with the SHOCKWAVE Swivel, Slide, or Swivel/Slide

vessel applications

Ideal for light weight commercial applications such as crew vessels for surveyors, logging, fish farming, wind farming, etc. law enforcement vessels, fisheries vessels, fish & wildlife boats, border patrol vessels.

news & events

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new heated CORBIN2 SEAT

The new heated seat is available to our recreational and commercial boating customers. This new addition offers two heated cushions – both a back and seat cushion, ensuring the occupant really feels the warmth.

trade shows

Look for SHOCKWAVE at:

  • IBEX
  • METS
  • Dealer Week
  • Miami Boat Show

Fishing Derbies

Salmon, Tuna – you name it. Shockwave is there testing product, meeting our customers, sponsoring and participating in events and supporting  salmon enhancement initiatives.

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