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SHOCKWAVE Seats, a Canadian-based marine suspension company revolutionizing marine shock mitigation around the globe, announces the SHOCKWAVE S6 Suspension Module — SW-07366. This new product replaces the S5 Suspension Module with Height Adjust — SW-05047. The SHOCKWAVE S6 Suspension Module is designed for commercial and recreational boats and will be available in September 2021.

The new S6 Suspension Module features:

S6 Suspension Module

The SHOCKWAVE S6 is designed and manufactured in Canada. It is engineered for moderate to heavy sea conditions and challenging operating environments. It is offered in an anodized black finish to provide improved corrosion protection. The SHOCKWAVE S6 Suspension Module is compatible with the SHOCKWAVE recreational product accessories: the Slide, swivel, Swivel/Slide, and the SHOCKWAVE Commander Seat by Corbin, formerly known as the Commander Seat. It is also compatible with our Professional seats both the high-back and mid-back style, for commercial users who need to add hand grips, or wider armrests for equipment belts.

David Smith, SHOCKWAVE Owner and President, commented, “The SHOCKWAVE S6 Suspension Module fills the gap in our product line between our recreational suspension module, the S5, and our professional suspension seat, the S2, to offer our customers a broader range of applications with a lighter duty suspension system than our professional seats. We are excited to bring this new product to the commercial and recreational boating market.”

The SHOCKWAVE S6 Suspension will replace the S5 with height adjust (SW-05047) in the summer of 2021. SHOCKWAVE’s new S6 Suspension Module will have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. The initial retail price of the SHOCKWAVE S6 is USD $2,480/CDN $2,852 — same price as its predecessor, the S5 Suspension Module with height adjust. Parts for the current S5 Suspension Module with height adjust will still be available for service and warranties.

This product will be available direct from SHOCKWAVE to boat builders and government customers, as well as through our distributor and dealer network in Canada, USA, Europe, UK and Australia.

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SHOCKWAVE SEATS is a world leader in military-class marine suspension seating, and is located in Sidney, BC, Canada. For over 20 years, SHOCKWAVE has built high-quality marine products, using military grade components. Customers include recreational, commercial, government, and military organizations in over 30 countries around the world.

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