Shockwave Returns to NASCAR


SHOCKWAVE Motorsports driver and renowned driving instructor Chris Cook, who has trained some of the top drivers in NASCAR, will race against former students in his return to NASCAR at the MONSTER ENERGY NASCAR CUP SERIES in Sonoma, California on June 24th.

Cook will be behind the wheel for the SHOCKWAVE sponsored Rick Ware Racing team’s #51 car.

“As an instructor and coach, I constantly have to keep my knowledge of vehicles and my skill finely tuned,” says Cook, who has had recent successes on the Pirelli Trans-Am Series, including a third-place finish in Sonoma only a few weeks ago.

“I feel like I’m at my best physically and I absolutely love racing here.”

The small but talented team will face off against bigger budgets and bigger crews – but don’t let that fool you. Cook is an experienced and skilled driver who has the capacity to push the group forward.

He is excited to be racing alongside former students at the show, including Eric Jones who is a full-time driver on the MONSTER ENERGY NASCAR SERIES.

“It’s an honour to be given the chance to compete at this level with these guys,” says Cook, who hasn’t raced on the NASCAR circuit since 2012.

“We’re a small team but I think we have a lot of potential.”

This is also a homecoming for Cook and SHOCKWAVE Marine Suspension Seating. Cook attended school in Sonoma and started his coaching career here in his 20s, while sponsor SHOCKWAVE is owned and operated by David Smith, who was part of the first-ever Canadian team to win a NASCAR event in the 1970s.

The David versus Goliath nature of this team and Cook going against the big boys at the show is certain to make for an exciting race!