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recreational boaters

S5 and S5 Sentinel Suspension Modules

Both the S5 and the S5 Sentinel are most often found on fishing boats, coastal cruisers, ski/wake boats, guide boats, fisheries boats, whale watching boats, crew boats and yacht tenders. The S5 and the S5 Sentinel can be fitted to almost any boat and any seat. Our recreational product line offers the high-quality of military grade marine suspension technology to the recreational boating market.

S6 Suspension Module

Ideal for light weight commercial applications such as crew vessels for surveyors, logging, fish farming, wind farming, etc. law enforcement vessels, fisheries vessels, fish & wildlife boats, border patrol vessels.

The S6 can be used for commercial and light military applications. The S6 can be fitted to almost any vessel, bringing SHOCKWAVE military grade marine suspension to any boat.  From coastal patrol boats to offshore transport vessels, the S6 absorbs wave shock and can prevent high-impact and cumulative injury; it allows boats operators to extend their time on the water with less fatigue.


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