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Recreational Boaters

Ordering through a dealer enables you to talk to real people about the product and ask questions ahead of making a purchasing decision. Our dealer’s prices are often better than on our website. Our dealers can generally get your products faster than purchasing direct through our website. Some dealers may display products in their store so you can actually sit on the suspension seat and see how it works, prior to purchasing. Also, some of our dealers stock product, so you can walk away with your new S5 Sentinel Suspension Module.

Yes, every boat should have one pump onboard, regardless of how many SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinels are installed. You will need the pump to adjust the pressure at set-up, and the pump will need to be used if an occupant much heavier or lighter than the primary occupant (more than a 50lbs difference) is using it. Also, the pressure should be checked every year and the S5 Sentinel may need to be adjusted slightly.

Marine grade cast aluminum with 316 stainless steel hardware.

The maximum occupant weight for the S5 Sentinel module is 250lbs [113kgs] on a vessel that sees maximum deck accelerations of 3g’s. For calmer waters and deck accelerations of less than 2g’s, a 300lb [136kg] occupant is acceptable.

It offers 4” of vertical travel.

Yes. When fully compressed, the module causes the seat to travel forward 1.5″

Yes, the S5 Sentinel can be mounted on a pedestal, but only if it is very stout and wide, with a rectangle shaped top plate that is strong enough to support the S5 Sentinel (27lbs), the seat (20-30lbs), and the occupant, plus the additional vertical and horizontal stress from the wave impacts. It’s much better to mount it to a riser box.

Yes, for standard order seats, but any colours from the below link’s “Advantage Marine Vinyls” or “Softside Collection” can be special ordered for no extra cost. The lead time will be about 6 weeks. Here is the link to our custom upholstery colors: Upholstery Colors

Yes, the part number for the cup holder is: SW-01688

Yes, it does come standard with white molded armrests.

It has very little lateral play. Likely less play than any other swivel or slide you will find on the market.

The swivel turns 360 degrees, and has 16 positions it can lock into.

The slide offers 5” (13cm) of fore/aft travel.

The swivel slide adds 2” (5cm) of height and the slide adds 1.2” (3cm).

Should you decide to add a SHOCKWAVE swivel, slide or swivel/slide accessory, you might want to go with our seat as well. Our seats were designed to work with our accessories. Therefore, if you want to use our accessory with a non-SHOCKWAVE seat, you will need to add an adapter plate that enables them to bolt the seat of your choice to our slide/swivel accessory. We sell a 5″x12″ adaptor plate, call for details.

If PSI is set correctly, the sag should be at about 20-25%. Set at ‘Soft’ setting to start.

3/4” compression when seated. Allow for 20% sag.

Yes, we have heated seats. They can be special ordered through your Dealer. Lead time is about 8 weeks. Available in black.

Each heated seat is supplied with a wiring harness and illuminating rocker switch to simplify installation. The cushions are connected to a 10’ wiring harness using waterproof connecters which allows the switch to be mounted up to 10’ (304cm) away from the seat – such as on the helm console. The illuminated rocker switch provides a quick check visual indicator that the seat is ON. Also, the cushions can be wired directly into an existing switch panel on your helm console, or elsewhere. Each seat should be installed with its own switch, rated for a minimum of 6 amps.

Jockey Seats are available through your dealer, as a special order. They have a longer lead time than the regular S5 module, generally 4-6 weeks.

Q & A

Military, commercial & Professional Mariners

Both the S2 and S3 Suspension Modules feature adjustable air shocks made specifically for SHOCKWAVE by FOX Defense. The S2 Suspension Module has 6” (150mm) of shock travel and is designed for use in rough sea conditions at fast speeds. The S3 Suspension Module has 8” (200mm) of shock travel and is used in extreme applications in very rough seas. Both suspension modules can be used with helm and jockey seats and can be configured in many ways depending on your needs. Contact SHOCKWAVE professional sales today to discuss your application and find the perfect seats for your vessel.

Almost every SHOCKWAVE professional seat is available with height adjust. Height adjustment on most of our seats is 4” (100mm) of total travel.

Almost every SHOCKWAVE professional seal is available with horizontal adjustment via seat or deck slides. The amount of fore/aft travel depends on the seat type, suspension module and configuration. Contact SHOCKWAVE professional sales today to find the right solution for you needs.

S2/S3 seats must be sold with a deck mount and the options are standard, bulkhead, or deck slider. 

SW-04656   – 0° bulkhead mount

SW-04619    – 5° bulkhead mount

SW-04871   – 10° bulkhead mount

SW-04705  –  0° bulkhead mount

A 25% deposit is needed at time of order and full payment is needed prior to shipping.

$250 USD per seat for custom upholstery on professional helm style seats; $100 USD for custom logo set-up.;

20% lighter weight than regular jockey seats;

We have many different types of grab rails available for both helm and jockey seats. Also available are handgrips that attach to the armrests on our helm seats and are excellent for keeping occupants secure and centered in their seat.

Our single and dual mount jockey seats can be mounted to deck track which allows them to be easily re-positioned or removed entirely. This allows the deck to be quickly re-configured for mission specific requirements. The seats can be attached to the deck via quick release latches or using hardware that can be removed in minutes using a basic wrench. The deck track mounting system requires the purchase of deck mounts and either quick release latches or deck rack hardware.

The PROTUNE adjust enables the occupant to change the ramp rate of the shock.  Changing the ramp rate has the most effect in the last 1/3 of the suspension travel and will allow the suspension system to mitigate larger/extreme impacts without bottoming.  This would most commonly be used in extreme applications – for example; Special Forces 10m – 12m open RIB at 50 – 60 knots which tend to generate a much higher acceleration than other / slower applications.

The long travel 200mm S3 Suspension Modules are equipped with air sprung shocks that have a progressive spring rate, so 99% percent of our seats are not equipped with, and do not require, the PROTUNE option. 

ICE3 – Estimated weight with roof probably around: 1000lbs for the 5 man, and about 830lbs for the 2 man

The ICE is sold a la carte, and is priced without the roof and without front seats in the larger ICE consoles.

Autotune (original autotune) – For optimum suspension performance of an ICE console the suspensions should be setup for the weight onboard. The autotune is an onboard air system that allows you to fill and set the shocks with simple toggle switches. The switches allow you to fill the shocks to maximum pressure, then allows you to set the shocks for the optimum position (this position is roughly 2″ from the top of the travel), which allows for optimum operation. The suspension system can also be drained using the button on the interface which allows the air to be drained from the system and the console to rest on the deck.

AUTOTUNE2 has the same basic functionality as the original Autotune but with the addition of a “smart” controller. What this does is checks the setup process that takes place and ensures the shocks are setup for optimum performance. If the setup process is not properly completed a visual indicator is illuminated to alert the operator that the suspension is not optimized. During severe weather conditions the suspension system could reach its full travel resulting in the bump stops contacting the deck. If this happens too frequently the system automatically adds air into the corresponding end of the console (Fwd or Aft shocks) to compensate for the heavy impacts. Additionally, the system monitors all 4 shocks onboard in real-time and provides a visual indicator in the event of an air leak or system fault.

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