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SHOCKWAVE S5 Jockey Seat
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A cost-effective solution for commercial vessels and open RHIBs, the S5 is easily installed with simple rugged construction and minimal components. It absorbs wave shock and can contribute to preventing both high-impact and cumulative injury.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight Single Jockey


These lightweight jockey seats are popular high travel seats designed for heavy-duty deck mounted applications where feet in suspension may be needed. The FOX Float H2O shock absorber offers 8-inches of travel for high speeds and extreme sea conditions.

SHOCKWAVE S2 Jockey Seat - Professional Product Line


These jockey seats are the perfect shock mitigation solution for mounting to risers when space is limited or when seats need to be very low to the deck. The FOX Float H2O shock absorber offers 6-inches of travel ideal for moderate to extreme sea conditions.


#1 seat as tested by UK MOD

Quick release and simple stowing functions

Prolonged user time to whole body vibration (WBV) limit

Versatile setup depending on mission or vessel requirements

Welded aluminum and stainless steel components

Form-fitting Corbin cushions

Shockwave S5 Jockey seat

S5 Jockey Seat

The SHOCKWAVE S5 Jockey Seat offers solid performance in an affordable, lightweight and compact package.

SHOCKWAVE S2 Jockey seat

S2 Low-Profile Jockey Seat

This low mount, compact and lightweight Jockey Seat is designed for installation on top of seat riser storage boxes.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight Single Jockey

S3 Single Lightweight Jockey

SHOCKWAVE’s S3 Lightweight Jockey Seats are built for the most demanding applications.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight Single Jockey with Grab Rail

S3 Lightweight Single Folding Jockey

Designed for boarding teams and multi-role boats, this versatile Jockey Seat folds down to clear the deck and maximize your workspace.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight Rear Jockey

S3 Lightweight Rear Jockey

The fold-down Jockey Seat (down rather than up) reduces catch points, is more compact and leaves the handrail accessible whether the seat is deployed or stowed.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight Dual Jockey with Grab Rail

S3 Lightweight Dual Jockey

A lightweight and efficient use of space that is ideal for open RHIBs.

Shockwave  S3 Lightweight Jockey with Storage

S3 Lightweight Jockey with storage

This seat is ideal for open boat layouts. The storage compartment is accessed by lifting the folding Jockey cushion.

Shockwave S3 Lightweight jockey with storage

S3 Dual Lightweight Jockey Seat with storage

This Dual Seat features a storage compartment that is accessed by lifting the folding Jockey cushion.

vessel applications

These seats are deployed in thousands of US Coastguard, law enforcement and military/special forces vessels around the world. They increase occupant safety significantly when operating at high speeds in extreme sea conditions.

excellent support

We provide direct support in person, on the phone, or over email as required. We also have technical and engineering resources available to travel in person to help with installation training or other requirements as they arise. Real humans helping real people.

The northwest passage

Testing under real-life conditions

To understand exactly how our products perform, we put them to the test in some of the toughest conditions on earth. In 2010, SHOCKWAVE president David Smith completed an 8000-mile journey using SHOCKWAVE technology. He took an 11-meter open-hull RHIB outfitted with an ICE Console from St. John’s, Newfoundland, over Canada through the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Passage, around Alaska and back home to Victoria, BC. 

in-house testing


We test all of our products expansively on and off the water, using the latest software, equipment and test boats. Moreover, we use custom built equipment to tune and test our products for the specific needs of the marine environment. 

While we test and measure our components and seats in related environments, we also use a number of other in-house analytic and testing methods to ensure absolute safety and ultimate performance.

We perform “Drop Testing” in house to verify component strength and suspension performance​

We use SolidWorks Simulation software to analyze millions of variables that may cause stress on the components and parts of all our products​

All major components are broken down for validation and tested individually

All of our products are
tested on and off the water​

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