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Over the last 20 years, SHOCKWAVE has worked with many of the leading marine organizations and top boat builders around the globe. Often, we are faced with a challenging installation where we need the seat to fit the boat and mission, not the other way around. Through these experiences we have developed a broad library of custom or semi-custom seats and accessories that we can draw upon.

Listed below are some of our more common specialty seat options. Please contact SHOCKWAVE, and we will work with you on a customized solution to meet your requirements.



Versatile Wall Mount Folding Seats fold away when not in use. They provide full body suspension when deployed. FOX Float H20 shocks with 8-inches of travel will readily absorb the impact of offshore waves.

S2 Bulkhead Mount Folding Troop Seat


Maximize your carrying capacity with versatile Folding Troop Seats offering advanced shock mitigation for big payloads and heavy sea conditions. These troops seats are bulkhead mounted, compact, and auto-folding, and they offer high performance S2 suspension with 6” travel .

S3 Jockey Control Pod


The Jockey Control Pod offers an 8-inch travel FOX Float H20 shock absorber with ACCURIDE. Our patented load stabilization second-shock system eliminates racking and allows our pods to perform perfectly with high instrument or control payload.

S4 Helm Control Pod


Tested and proven with our most demanding clients, the durable Helm Control Pod offers a 12-inch travel FOX Float H20 shock absorber with ACCURIDE. Our patented load stabilization second shock system eliminates racking and allows our pods to perform flawlessly with a high instrument or control payload.

vessel applications

These seats vary significantly in their applications, but they are all designed with military vessel applications in mind. They can be customized to the mission and are designed for moving many troops in small spaces. The control pods are for purpose-built government/special forces vessels that need to protect electronics as well as occupants, and space constraints are a consideration.

excellent support

We provide direct support in person, on the phone or over email as required or requested. We also have technical engineering support available to travel in person to help with installation training or other requirements as they arise. Real humans helping real people.

This product is not available for purchase online. Please fill out this form or call 1.778.426.8545

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