Shockwave ICE Consoles

Shockwave ICE (Integrated Control Environment) Consoles are the world’s only triple-axis, fully suspended marine shock mitigation seating system. These patented suspension consoles allow crews to easily operate controls and electronics while underway at speed. In addition, the ICE provides protection for occupants and sensitive electronics from high speed wave impacts. Our ICE Consoles are a culmination of 20 years of research, development and testing of Shockwave technology.

Features & Benefits

Integrated Control Environment

Shockwave ICE3 Consoles

The Shockwave ICE3 is a unique suspension console ideal for high speeds and critical missions. Patented, triple-axis suspension protecting occupants from all directions, 12-inch FOX Megafloat H20 racing shock absorbers and AUTOTUNE functionality for making adjustments while travelling at high speeds. The ICE3 is a versatile marine suspension console that incorporates military-grade design and components. The ICE3 comes with a roof to protect occupants from weather, but can also be delivered without a roof.

Shockwave ICE3 Console six-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console six-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console five-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console five-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console four-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console four-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console two-person
Shockwave ICE3 Console two-person
Integrated Control Environment

Shockwave ICE5 Console

Shockwave’s new ICE5 Console is designed to provide the ultimate in shock mitigation to elite military organizations around the globe. The ICE5 is a patented product, specifically designed for tactical multi-mission operations. It offers a triple-axis suspended cockpit that enables the crew to operate and monitor vessel systems throughout the vessel’s full range of operating parameters. In addition to providing comfort and protection to the crew, the ICE5 also protects sensitive electronics from wave impact when operating at high speeds in heavy seas.

Integrated Control Environment

Shockwave Specialty ICE Console

Shockwave ‘Specialty’ Integrated Control Environments (ICE) – suspended cockpits are tailored to mission and vessel specific requirements. The ICE shown here was designed to fit an enclosed cabin with the helm & navigator forward and remote weapons or workstations in 2nd row. Folding worktables at the 2nd row console make for an effective working area regardless of the sea conditions. The ICE’s triple-axis shock mitigation protects the occupants and sensitive electronics, housed in the forward compartment. Contact Shockwave with your specialty requirements

vessel applications

SHOCKWAVE’s high-end ICE console (with 12” shocks) is best suited to vessels designed for military missions, law enforcement, or SAR applications that require occupant safety while operating at high speeds in extreme sea conditions.

ICE Console Patents

The SHOCKWAVE ICE has multiple international patents on our suspended cockpits, triple-axis suspension and linkage, as well as our sliding and pivoting attachments.

  • CA No. 2,831,150
  • EU No. 12763187.7
  • US No. 9,016,226
  • AU No. 2016228135
  • CA No. 2,975,911
  • EU No. 16758394.7
  • US No. 9,422,039
SHOCKWAVE ICE Console - Integrated Controle Environment

speeding comfortably

The SHOCKWAVE ICE has fully adjustable FOX Float H20 racing shock absorbers located on each corner and a sway bar to limit roll. AUTOTUNE is a feature that provides the most simple and efficient way of adjusting the suspension on our ICE Consoles automatically. You can adjust the spring rate to any payload with the flick of a switch, offering the ultimate riding experience.

Integrated control environment (ice)

The SHOCKWAVE ICE is revolutionizing safety and marine suspension worldwide. The ICE supports occupants, electronics and other key components of a vessel inside a single shock-absorbing unit, with triple-axis suspension, military-grade material and a patented design. The SHOCKWAVE ICE provides comfort and safety, while mitigating wave impact and allowing users to travel farther and faster.

SHOCKWAVE ICE Console - Integrated Controle Environment
The northwest passage

Testing under real-life conditions

To understand exactly how our products perform, we put them to the test in some of the toughest conditions on earth. In 2010, SHOCKWAVE president David Smith completed an 8000-mile journey using SHOCKWAVE technology. He took an 11-meter open-hull RIB from St. John’s, Newfoundland, over Canada through the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Passage, around Alaska and back home to Victoria, BC.

Shockwave Product testing

Computer Design & Structural Verification

We test all of our products expansively on and off the water, using the latest software, equipment and test boats. Moreover, we use custom built equipment to tune and test our products for the specific needs of the marine environment. While we test and measure our components and seats in related environments, we also use a number of other in-house analytic and testing methods to ensure absolute safety and ultimate performance.

quality of support

SHOCKWAVE ICE units are very technical and custom built for each client, often with considerations for privacy and proprietary information. As such, we provide direct support in person, on the phone or over email as required or requested. We also have technical and engineering resources available to travel in person to help with installation, training, or other needs as they arise. Real humans helping real people.

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