SHOCKWAVE Seats, a Canadian-based marine suspension company revolutionizing marine shock mitigation around the globe, announces the SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel Suspension Module, a re-engineered and updated version of the S5 Suspension Module. The SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel Suspension Module is designed for recreational boaters and boat builders and will be available to order in early 2022.

The new S5 Sentinel Suspension Module features:

Shockwave S5 Sentinel side
Shockwave S5 Sentinel White Side

The SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel offers a FOX and a ROCKSHOX shock absorber and IGUS bushings. Many of the features present on the S5 have been maintained on the S5 Sentinel, including adjustable compression and rebound rates, minimal parts count and 316 stainless steel hardware. The S5 Sentinel is designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada.

“The SHOCKWAVE S5 which we launched in 2017 has been a very successful product for us in the recreational boating market, and we wanted to build on this success with an updated and re-engineered S5 product to add strength, improve performance and upgrade corrosion resistance. We are very pleased with the re-engineered SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel Suspension Module and we’re excited to bring this improved product to the recreational boating market in 2022,” commented David Smith, SHOCKWAVE Owner and President.

SHOCKWAVE’s new S5 Sentinel Suspension Module will have a typical lead time of 2 weeks. The difference in the retail price between the current S5 and the S5 Sentinel will not be significant, pricing will be available in January 2022. The S5 Sentinel is still offered in black and white. Eventually we will phase out the S5 and only sell the S5 Sentinel. Parts and replacement units for the current S5 will still be available for at least two years.

The SHOCKWAVE S5 Sentinel Suspension Module is compatible with the same SHOCKWAVE accessories as the S5 Suspension Module, and the SHOCKWAVE Commander Seat by Corbin, formerly known as the Corbin2 Seat.

Shockwave S5 Sentinel Commander Seat
Shockwave S5 Sentinel White
Shockwave S5 Sentinel 

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Shockwave Seats, a division of Professional Components Ltd., is a world leader in military-class marine suspension seating located in Sidney, BC, Canada. For over 20 years, Shockwave Seats has built high-quality marine products using military-grade components. Customers include recreational, and commercial builders and boaters, local, state, federal governments, and military organizations in over 30 countries globally.


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