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SHOCKWAVE Seats Announces Patented ICE5 Console

SHOCKWAVE Seats, a Canadian-based marine suspension company revolutionizing marine shock mitigation around the globe, announces the newest addition to its ICE (Integrated Control Environment) product line, the ICE5. The ICE product line is a patented suspension console that suspends its occupants, controls, and electronics with 12” FOX shocks, within a single unit. The latest ICE was designed in response to elite military and government organizations with specific tactical and mission requirements for their vessels.

The new ICE5 Console, provides the ultimate in leading-edge shock mitigation. Designed as a two-person console with an optional third seat, it is specifically targeted at tactical multi-mission operations. The ICE5 offers a three-axis suspended cockpit that enables crews to operate and monitor vessel systems throughout the vessel’s full range of operating parameters. In addition to providing comfort and protection to the crew, the ICE5 also protects sensitive electronics from wave impact when operating at high speeds in extreme sea conditions.

“When the mission requires safe navigation in rough water at high speed, no other shock mitigation product delivers the performance and capabilities of the SHOCKWAVE patented ICE5. Whether on patrol, running night operations, or ship boarding, the ICE has proven itself to be in a league of its own,” stated, David Smith, SHOCKWAVE Owner and President.

SHOCKWAVE’s first ICE5 customer is The Whiskey Project. The ICE5 will debut on their ‘Next Generation Tactical Watercraft’ which will be unveiled at the Pacific Expo show in Sydney October 8, 2019. The Whiskey Project, is an Australian, veteran owned business, that designs and manufactures tactical watercraft. These operator focused watercraft provide optimal protection and performance for the occupants. SHOCKWAVE’s design team worked closely with The Whiskey Project’s experienced special boat team operators to integrate specific requirements designed to enhance the overall user experience.

ICE5 offers the following benefits: superior shock and vibration protection for the crew and electronic equipment; excellent ergonomics and improved crew communication; improved weight economy; better space and equipment integration into the console; and occupant moves with the controls for ease and accuracy of operation.

There is also an optional, removable front seat utilizing quick connect system for missions that require a crew member ahead of the console, offering users flexible, mission-specific seating configurations. Multi-function displays and radios at the aft of the helm seats also offer enhanced situational awareness to command and control personnel.  This new ICE5 Console re-sets the bar for shock mitigation in the most demanding conditions.

The ICE5 is available with optional accessories including a windscreen, full windshield, folding radar arch, lap belts, shoulder belts, and seat slides. The ICE5 Console starts at US $60,000 MSRP.


  • Multi-Axis Suspension Dampens Wave Impact
  • 12” FOX Defense Float H2O Suspension – AUTOTUNE Automatic Adjustment Available
  • Race Proven 4 Link Suspension with Large Anti Roll Bar
  • Integrated Welded Aluminum Construction
  • Optional Front Mount Gunner or Spotter Seat on a Quick Connect Mount

SHOCKWAVE SEATS is a world leader in military-class marine suspension seating, and is located in Sidney, BC, Canada. For over 20 years, SHOCKWAVE has built high-quality marine products, using military grade components. Customers include recreational, commercial, government, and military organizations in over 30 countries around the world.

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