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S3 Helm and Jockey Seats

SHOCKWAVE’s bestselling seats, the S3 seats (with 8” shocks) are designed to be used for military missions, law enforcement & border patrol, and the helm seats are often selected for high-end cabin or open boats for pleasure/recreational/tender use.  The Jockey seats are typically mounted on deck track systems and used on government vessels with deck space constraints. These S3 seats can also be folded down to conserve space and allow occupants to stand in front of the seat when necessary.

These seats are deployed in thousands of US Coastguard, law enforcement and military/special forces vessels around the world. These seats increase occupant safety significantly when operating at high speeds in extreme sea conditions.

S2 Helm and Jockey Seats

SHOCKWAVE’s very popular S2 seats (with 6” shocks) are designed to be used for law enforcement, government agencies, SAR applications, and the helm seats are often selected for high end recreational use cabin boats. The Jockey seats are commonly used on open boats mounted on risers. They are relatively compact so very useful for vessels with space constraints.

These seats are deployed in government agency, law enforcement and military vessels around the world. They increase occupant safety significantly when operating at moderate to high speeds in rough sea conditions.

S6 Suspension Module​

Ideal for light weight commercial applications such as crew vessels for surveyors, logging, fish farming, wind farming, etc. law enforcement vessels, fisheries vessels, fish & wildlife boats, border patrol vessels.

The S6 can be used for commercial and light military applications. The S6 can be fitted to almost any vessel, bringing SHOCKWAVE military grade marine suspension to any boat.  From coastal patrol boats to offshore transport vessels, the S6 absorbs wave shock and can prevent high-impact and cumulative injury; it allows boats operators to extend their time on the water with less fatigue.

ICE Console

SHOCKWAVE’s high-end ICE console (with 12” shocks) is best suited to vessels designed for military missions, law enforcement, or SAR applications that require occupant safety while operating at high speeds in extreme sea conditions. 

The ICE Console suspends occupants, controls, and electronics in a single unit designed to protect both occupants and equipment from the shock of wave impact in all directions.

Specialty Products

These seats vary significantly in their applications, but they are all designed with military vessel applications in mind. They can be customized to the mission and are designed for moving many troops in small spaces. The control pods are for purpose-built government/special forces vessels that need to protect electronics as well as occupants, and space constraints are a consideration. 

Shockwave’s speciality seats are designed with 6”-12” shocks, and can handle extreme sea condition and high speeds.  Shockwave offers many variants of speciality seats for special orders and specialized vessels, with specific requirements. Call sales to discuss your application.

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