Article about SHOCKWAVE Seats in Design Engineering

Article about SHOCKWAVE SEATS in Design Engineering


BC-based manufacturer’s boat seat design reduces seafaring stress.


Outdoor adventure awaits in British Columbia. Snowing, snowmobiling, hiking and even a breathtaking walk on a suspension bridge bring joy to thousands of tourists every year in Canada’s westernmost province. Year-round, many outdoor enthusiasts see the sights of British Columbia as something to behold.

Boating in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Alaska off the province’s coast is also a popular activity. KingFisher Boats, located in Vernon, British Columbia, manufactures a wide range of models that are used for an assortment of recreational purposes. Whether it’s a weekend fishing excursion or getting the kids up for the first time on water skis, KingFisher manufactures a boat for just about any activity.

One other company in British Columbia is helping KingFisher and other boat builders with seats that are designed to protect crew members from the unforgiving shock of wave impact. SHOCKWAVE manufactures seats for commercial and recreational use that are included in several KingFisher models. The seats are also used by many others, including the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Shockwave Seats, a division of Professional Components Ltd., is a world leader in military-class marine suspension seating located in Sidney, BC, Canada. For over 20 years, Shockwave Seats has built high-quality marine products using military-grade components. Customers include recreational, and commercial builders and boaters, local, state, federal governments, and military organizations in over 30 countries globally.


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