S5 Sentinel Suspension Base

The Shockwave S5 Sentinel provides comfort and safety to boaters, offering them an experience they’ve never had before. It offers a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride, protecting occupants from the shock of wave impact. Recreational boaters can stay out longer and travel farther with less fatigue. The S5 Sentinel comes in a matte black or glossy white finish. It is easily and quickly installed in virtually any boat and can be mounted on a riser box or a short, stocky pedestal with minimal effort.

Suspension travel is 4-inch vertical and 1.5-inch forward, mitigating deceleration associated with wave impacts.

Please note that you will need a SHOCKWAVE Shock Pump in order to operate your S5 Sentinel Suspension Module. A shock pump will automatically be added to your cart.


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Helps prevent spinal injuries and general body ache
Fish longer and harder
Easy to mount and adapt to existing seating
Fully adjustable FOX FLOAT shock absorber for all payloads/conditions
Adjustable compression and rebound rate
Minimal parts count and simple construction
Designed and manufactured in Canada
Surge protection: suspension travel is 4-inch vertical and 1.5-inch forward, mitigating deceleration associated with wave impacts
Strong construction with a 4-link design
High-performance, adjustable, customized shocks from FOX Racing
Marine grade aluminum die cast construction with trivalent chromate and military grade powder coat
High life cycle IGUS bushings
316 stainless steel hardware

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“We teamed up with SHOCKWAVE this last year and it has stepped our game up to the next level. We can now make longer runs and be more efficient with our time on tournament day! Not to mention way less stress on our backs during the rough weather days!”

– Team Barton,

Port Lavaca, TX

We fish hard for 2,3 and 4 days straight sleeping over night free in the Gulf of Mexico. We are one of the most hardcore teams in the gulf, we don’t backdown from much. The SHOCKWAVE Suspension Modules are essential to our performance.”

– Trey Baker,

Pensacola, FL

“Our crew and clientele absolutely love the S5 suspension module! We have thousands of hours on our S5 modules now, and wouldn’t want to run with anything else underneath us!”

– Adam Petnuch,

Saint Augustine, Florida

“My upgrade to the S5 suspension seating package from SHOCKWAVE has literally eliminated the feeling you have of running a boat day in, day out on the big water.”

– Mark Coleman,

Seattle, Washington



The S5 Sentinel is most often found on fishing boats, coastal cruisers, ski/wake boats, guide boats, fisheries boats, whale watching boats, crew boats and yacht tenders. Due to its universal design, the S5 Sentinel can be fitted to almost any boat and any seat.



Changing the game of marine suspension seating

Since 2001, SHOCKWAVE has designed and manufactured innovative marine suspension seating to protect boaters from the shock of wave impact. From recreational boaters to military vessels, we develop the best suspension modules on the planet.


SHOCKWAVE products are welded, assembled, painted, and built in North America with materials supplied from our high-quality, high-performance partners; FOX Defense, Corbin Seats, Speedway Engineering, IGUS and BSCI Energy Management Systems, to name a few. Customers can be assured of the finest quality workmanship.

About SHOCKWAVE - Made in Canada

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