SHOCKWAVE Launches New Lightweight Jockey Seats

SHOCKWAVE Launches New Lightweight Jockey Seats

S3 Lightweight Single Jockey

Lightweight Dual Jockey
SW-S3LD-2410 WITH SW-00-2413-FM

Through constant innovation in marine suspension technology, SHOCKWAVE has developed robust but lightweight jockey seats that mitigate wave impact while improving running time and the overall experience for professional boaters.

SHOCKWAVE Seats is the industry leader in marine suspension seating and the premier provider to elite agencies around the world, including the US Navy Marines, Canadian and American Coast Guards, UK Ministry of Defense (MOD)and several other international search and rescue organizations.

The S3 Lightweight Jockey Seats come as either a single or a dual seat. These industry leading seats are the number one seat as tested by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD). They are 20% lighter while improving performance and prolonging the time to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) limit. Suitable for High-speed RIBS, Boarding Operations and Tactical Craft, there is no jockey seat like it.

“These Jockey Seats allow for more responsive boat handling and offer a versatile set-up so they can be used on different missions or vessel requirements,” says SHOCKWAVE Founder and CEO, David Smith.

The SHOCKWAVE S3 Lightweight Jockey Seats are built for the most demanding applications. Designed 20% lighter without sacrificing strength. To maximize deck space, they offer a quick release track system, and new quick connect height adjust. Seats can be combined to create mission specific suspension configurations and can be paired with swivel for boarding or gunner position seating. Complete shock mitigation solution for compact, space restrictive requirements. The 8-inch travel FOX Float H2O shock absorber sets the benchmark for performance.

For more information on the SHOCKWAVE Lightweight Jockey Seats see the product page.


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